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Top Streaming Services for Chromecast Users

Top Streaming Services for Chromecast Users

Welcome ⁣to the world‌ of Chromecast, where⁢ streaming services reign supreme⁤ and tangled cords‍ are a thing of the past. ⁤If you’re plugging‌ in‍ and kicking back with your trusty little dongle, you’ll want to know about the top streaming services that will take your Chromecast‍ experience to the‌ next level.⁤ So grab your popcorn, dim ⁤the ‍lights, and get ready to discover the best of the best for all your binging ​needs.…

Chromecast adds new content with Disney, Twitch, iheartradio, and Dramafever!

Chromecast is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. At a one time fee, you have been able to cast more and more content as promised by Google when this first launched. This week, Google announced the latest addition to its arsenal of content including three Disney apps, iHeartRadio for live radio, DramaFever, and Twitch.

Disney is a big welcome especially to those families with kids.…