Chromecast adds new content with Disney, Twitch, iheartradio, and Dramafever!

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Chromecast is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. At a one time fee, you have been able to cast more and more content as promised by Google when this first launched. This week, Google announced the latest addition to its arsenal of content including three Disney apps, iHeartRadio for live radio, DramaFever, and Twitch.

Disney is a big welcome especially to those families with kids. No longer do kids have to be glued to their iPads. With Chromecast, you will now be able to cast content from Watch Disney, Watch Disney Junior for all your Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake the Pirate, and Princess Sofia fans, and also Disney XD for the teenagers.

iHeartRadio is another excellent app for all you radio listeners. This convenient app will turn your TV into a live streaming radio tuner accessing several top radio stations from talk, sports, news, to music at a snap.

DramaFever is an app extremely popular with those who love Korean, Japanese, Hong Kong and Chinese Drama. It also has series from Latin America boasting a total of 15,000 episodes globally! It also have movies so check it out!

Lastly, Google announced that Twitch will also be supporting Chromecast. Twitch is like youtube just for games. You can watch live gameplay or gameplay videos which has taken the gaming world by storm the past few years.