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How to set up Chromecast on Windows 8 to stream Amazon Prime

Stream Amazon Prime content to your Chromecast

Setting up Chromecast on a Windows 8 device is similar to how you would set up with a Windows XP or Windows 7 Machine.
1) First, you need to ensure you have a WiFi enabled PC or Laptop. If you don’t, you can purchase one similar to the one below to enable WiFi.

2) Next, ensure you have Google Chrome web browser installed on your PC. If not, navigate to this page to install it. http://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/#eula

Click ‘Accept and Install’.

3) Next, go to Chromecast Setup – https://cast.google.com/chromecast/setup

Download the app for Chromecast and install.

4) Follow the instructions on the TV set to enable your Chromecast with your pc.

5) If you want to cast your Chrome browser onto your TV and allow you to watch Amazon Prime content through Chromecast, download and install the extension as well.

6) You should get the below pop up to add the extension to Chrome.

7) Once it is installed, go to a site like youtube and and click the cast icon and you should be able to see a menu such as below. Select the name you designated for your Chromecast to watch the content on your TV.

8) To watch Amazon Prime on Chromecast, sign in to your Amazon Prime page. Then search for the cast icon. You may need to click a menu next to your address bar.

Enable full screen then select the name of your Chromecast you have designated. Mine is “HarCast”. Yours will be different. Then viola! That’s it. if you have any problems, leave a comment.

Chromecast and Amazon Prime Video II

After several comments that Amazon Prime blocked Chromecast, I digged into it a bit more and found out that this may be due to Microsoft Silverlight. If you do not have it installed, select ‘Flash Player’ and it will still work. Here are some snapshots.

chromecast amazon prime


My PC doesn’t have Silverlight installed so instead of installing the plugin, I selected Adobe Flash player. I then started the movie, cast this tab from my Chrome browser and clicked full screen and I am watching movie from Amazon Prime using Chromecast. Below is another snapshot.

chromecast amazon prime tv screenshot


Below is a video. I didn’t have the audio on.

Chromecast and Amazon Prime Video

There has been a lot of queries if you can stream / cast Amazon Prime videos to your TV using Chromecast. The answer is no and yes. Let me explain. No – as in there is no official app or extension similar to Chrome, Netflix, or Youtube where you can directly cast the video to your TV using Chromecast. Yes, as in you can load Amazon Prime Video Player from your Google Chrome browser from your PC. This will not work through a mobile Chrome browser on a phone or a tablet. Play the video as you normally would, then click the blue ‘Cast’ icon on the upper right of your screen.

Once the browser is casted onto your TV, click ‘full screen’. Enjoy your Amazon Video on your TV!