Chromecast and Amazon Prime Video

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There has been a lot of queries if you can stream / cast Amazon Prime videos to your TV using Chromecast. The answer is no and yes. Let me explain. No – as in there is no official app or extension similar to Chrome, Netflix, or Youtube where you can directly cast the video to your TV using Chromecast. Yes, as in you can load Amazon Prime Video Player from your Google Chrome browser from your PC. This will not work through a mobile Chrome browser on a phone or a tablet. Play the video as you normally would, then click the blue ‘Cast’ icon on the upper right of your screen.

Once the browser is casted onto your TV, click ‘full screen’. Enjoy your Amazon Video on your TV!



16 thoughts on “Chromecast and Amazon Prime Video

  1. Gabriel Creek

    Looks like Amazon has already made moves to block it. It will cast the website to the TV but the videos only play in the browser on my pc.

  2. Howard

    It worked fine for me two days ago, but now it won’t work anymore. I think they came up with a way to block it. I can see the webpage with the button to stream the movie but once I tell it to stream I see the movie on my pc screen but what shows up on the TV is the same web image but the area where the movie would be is just black 🙁

    1. Howard

      This is the error message:

      tab projection but no audio/video

      If you can Cast a tab and the page shows on your TV but the video and/or audio isn’t playing, this is typically caused by the use of native plug-ins, such as Silverlight or Quicktime, which are not supported.

  3. chris

    microsoft silverlight is whats preventing cromecast from displaying amazon videos. disable the silverlight plugin and amazon will ask you if you want to use adobe flash instead. the videos run great under flash! Hope this helps

    1. Curlee

      It isn’t obvious how to disable Silverlight in Chrome.

      FWIW, I found that if I disabled Silverlight in IE10 (which is fairly easy), started an Amazon video, chose Flash over Silverlight, stopped the video, and re-enabled Silverlight, then Amazon remembered that choice when I later started that video in Chrome.

      I guess I should have tried a different video to ensure that choice applied to me as a user, and not to that particular video.

      BTW, I have Amazon Prime. I suppose that could affect this as well. I searched Amazon high and low in My Account, but could not find a way to explicitly make that choice of extension. But it appeared that Flash support was needed for Macs.

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