Chromecast Audio Rebooting Routers

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router-rebootIn a weird twist, the latest Chromecast update is causing routers, which are connected to Chromecast Audio, to reboot. User Keith DD posted on the Google Cast Help Forum on Sept 26 that he has 3 Chromecast Audios and noticed his ISP router kept rebooting. Thinking the router became defective, the ISP sent a replacement but as soon as he plugged in his Chromecast Audio, the router rebooted. He tested it with another router and again, it worked find when the Chromecast Audio was not plugged in but as soon as it was plugged in, the routers rebooted.

Factory reset did not fix the issue. Neither than amending various settings on his router.

Google employee, Christina Pham, who is super helpful on the help forums responded and acknoweldged this is isolated to Chromecast Audio users running firmware 1.21.72444 on select wifi routers. A fix should be released soon.

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