How to Chromecast onto Multiple Screens

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Have you had the need to cast a presentation, video, or some slideshow onto multiple screens using Chromecast and wish there was an easy way to do it? Google does offer this feature but there are several apps that enable you to do this. We recently came across a situation where there will be a dinner banquet and we wanted to use the hall’s multiple HDTV across the venue. The TV’s were not connected to a single source but had WiFi network. What we wanted to do was to cast a video to multiple HDTV receivers. After some research, we went with AirParrot. AirParrot does exactly this.

Through their software, you can control your source and destination(s). You can also select audio only and not send the video. There are also some controls to pause or blank the screen. Not only can you select output for Chromecast, you can also select Apple TV as well.