Google Photos Update Breaks Chromecast Support – Wait What?

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googlephotoGoogle updated their photos recently giving numerous features such as UNLIMITED backup for lower quality photos. This is done automatically when you set up auto-backup. For original size pictures, you are limited to 15GB. This has been handy and it competes with other offers such as Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Cloud, and other services such as Dropbox and Box. However, Chromecast users who enjoyed casting directly from Google Photos were dissapointed and somewhat shocked that the updated app lost support for Chromecast. Word is that Google is working to re-enable and there is no info on why the support for Chromecast was dropped.

Meanwhile, here are some features from Google Photos:

  • Visual Search – Capability to sort and search by tags or people by face if you enable this feature.
  • Auto Backup – Set auto backup and no need to manually backup your photos again! Take pictures and sign in when you are on your PC or tablet to see and edit the pictures.
  • Save space – Everything is in the cloud so you do not need to worry about running out of space on your phone.
  • Bringing photos to life – Google Photos can automatically create slideshows, collage, or videos by associating similar photos or photos taken at a particular location or time.
  • Editing – handy tools where you can do basic editing like cropping, filters, rotating the photos.
  • Sharing – share individual photos, albums, or via url link which you can email or text.
  • Rediscover – go back in time and look at what you did weeks, months, years back.