ifixit’s Google Home tear down reveals it is a Chromecast with speakers!

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ifixit is known of its tear down walk through to reveal the internal components of popular electronic gadgets. They do this to understand hidden components, give each device a repair index scorecard, and approximate cost of parts.

Google Home was released this past week on Nov. 4th and ifixit did not waste time to get on in hand and do one of its tear down to reveal its parts and component costs.

I don’t want to take any credit for their pictures or steal their page views. Go to the link above and to step 8. You will see that the motherboard consists of parts (CPU, flash, and RAM) from the 2nd gen Chromecast! This includes:

  • Armada 1500 Mini Plus dual core ARM Cortex A7 media processor
  • Toshiba 256 MB NAND flash
  • Marvel Avaster 88W8897 WLAN/BLUETOOTH/NFC chip
  • Texas Instrument audio amplifier TAS5720
  • and Samsung 512bm B-Bie DDR3 SDRAM

What do you know? The Google Home is a pyched up 2nd Gen Chromecast!