Euro Cup 2016 Live Streaming

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How to stream Eurocup online. I just encountered an outage on my cable TV and had to result to live streaming to watch the quarter finals of the EuroCup. I wasn’t about to sit behind my 19″ computer screen or my 5″ phone to watch the epic battle between Italy vs. Germany. Once I gave up on watching this on my cable provider, I used my Chromecast. Follow these instructions to watch the EuroCup using the ESPN app.

There are two ways of casting the live stream to your TV.

To cast from an app through your phone or tablet:

  1. Open WatchESPN app
  2. Sign into your cable or satellite TV provider
  3. Change your TV input to your Chromecast
  4. Once your app detects the Chromecast powered on, you will see the cast icon.
  5. Click play and cast to your Chromecast device

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To cast from your Chrome browser:

  1. Navigate fro your Chrome browser to
  2. Sign into your cable or satellite TV provider
  3. Click the Eurocup game you are interested. France and Iceland are playing on Sun. July 3rd.
  4. You will likely see a video player launch in a different window. This pop up will not have your Chromecast extension icon at the upper right of your screen.
  5. Copy the url of the video player and paste it to where you clicked the game you are interested in.
  6. The video player should now load in the window where you have your cast icon.

watchespn eurocup



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