Aereo Arrives on Chromecast Giving Free OTA TV

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Update July 14:The supreme court ruled that Aero was in fact subject to royalties for distributing media and is now in court again to try to be considered as a cable company so they can pay compulsory licensing arrangement but that also was shut down. Options may be running out for Aereo.

For those who are ready to cut cable and enjoy truly free TV, your time may be coming soon. Aero, the company that provides free OTA service across tablets and mobile phones will be coming to your Chromecast soon. How this works, you connect to one of their HD antenna that is in their cloud. From these antenna’s you can access HD content and watch them from any device connected to your tablet or smartphone. It’s subscription service includes live DVR service for $4 and for an additional $4, you get 60 hours of PVR time!

So what does this mean for Chromecast? You can finally watch free OTA TV without that annoying TV that has been hovering over your living room and only be able to catch 1/3 of the channels! Give it a try!