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How to use Chromecast with VLC

Rejoice VLC fans! One of the most popular video players will release Chromecast support with the next update. If you recall, playing video files was a huge hassle a few years ago as you had to have the right media player for the type of file you were playing. Even so, you may need to install the particular codec or even purchase it to get the picture and sound correctly. When VLC was launched, it provided simplicity. It seemingly played any type of videos or media files at will. It had a easy to use interface allowing you to control your video and also to manage libraries. another huge benefit is that it was extremely light and took very little resources. Great for people who had HTPC (home theater personal computers). VLC for Chromecast will likely launch in version 3.0. Once it is available, we will post a guide on how to use it.