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New Nexus 7 Available now at Google Play Store

Google Play store just updated their site and are accepting orders for the new Nexus 7. The ship date is July 30th and Amazon still has it and can be shipped earlier than that. I’ve checked out a few reviews on Youtube and it is MUCH faster than the first generation Nexus 7. You can’t beat that price! Hands down the best mini tablet on the market right now!

New Google Nexus 7 In Stock at Amazon!

Amazon has the new Google Nexus 7 available now and in stock. In case you are still hung over about missing the Chromecast, jump in on this opportunity now! If you order right now in the next 4 hours from this post, you will get it tomorrow with Amazon Prime shipping. Other places will not have this available until Monday. Even Google Play doesn’t have this available yet!