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Pandora now supports Chromecast!

This morning as I was listening to Pandora music app on my Android phone, I was pleasantly surprised by the Chromecast icon on the bottom right of the screen. If you have a good sound system, this can easily connect to Pandora. For those who are not familiar, Pandora is a free app which allows you to select radio station based on artists, genre, or songs. For a mere $3.99 / month, you can listen to it without any ads. The only downside is that you cannot select the particular song you want to hear at that moment. However, it does do a pretty good job in giving you a mix based on the song title or artist. You can also associate your Pandora account with your social network and share with others your favorites, likes, and activities. I also enjoy being able to listen to Pandora on my PC so I can use it when I work. Give it a try!