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Google Chromecast Netflix Promotion Code

I was one of the people who purchased the Google Chromecast on launch day and ordered it on Amazon shortly after. That was 4 days ago. Today, I received this in my email which has a link to redeem my Netflix code. For those who bought their Chromecast via Amazon, you should be getting them today if you are one of the lucky ones who got it early. I would assume the ones you bought on Google Play store will follow shortly after you receive your item. If you bought it at Best Buy store, it should be on your receipt.

Once you get the code, follow these instruction to redeem!

Chromecast Netflix Amazon

How to redeem your Chromecast Netflix 3 Month Free Promotion

Today, Google abruptly ended their 3 month free Netflix promo. It appears even the great minds of Google under estimated the popularity of their Chromecast device. But if you were one of the lucky ones who purchased a Chromecast early on July 24th. Early as in immediately after the announcement, you may be able to get your promo.

If you bought it at an online retailer, you will obtain an e-mail with a 3 month promo code which you can enter it at http://netflix.com/chromecast. If you bought the Chromecast at Best Buy, the promo code will be on your receipt.