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Chromecast now supports presentation from Google Drive

If you were wondering how you can project a presentation such as Powerpoint only your Chromecast enabled TV, you now have an option. Google launched an update to Chromecast where you will be able to cast presentations from your Google Drive. You can upload any Microsoft Office Powerpoint file and it will be ready to be casted. Follow these steps.

1) Open Google Drive from a Wi-Fi enabled PC with Google Chrome.

2) Navigate to your ppt file which you have uploaded.

3) Open the ppt file with “Google Slides”

3) From Google Slides, go to “Present” button at the upper right of your screen. A drop down menu will appear, hover over “Present on another device” then select your Chromecast.

Chromecast Google Drive



Google planning for Chromecast to support sharing from Google Drive

A German G+ user, Daniel Lohse, accidentally stumbled upon an interesting feature when playing around with his Chrome browser. It appears that Google is testing the ability to directly cast documents in Google Drive to your Chromecast. This will allow you to launch directly from Google Drive onto a large TV screen or even a projector without the annoying Windows dual screen setup which never seems to work. This is great news for business road warriors or teachers who want a easy way of popping out presentations. Imagine loading a ppt onto Google drive then taking out your Nexus 5 and launching the presentation. So simple!