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Mastering the Art of Buffer-Free Chromecast Streaming

Mastering the Art of Buffer-Free Chromecast Streaming

Do you find yourself staring at the​ dreaded buffering icon more than⁤ actually watching your favorite shows on Chromecast? Are you tired of your ⁢screen freezing right at the most suspenseful moment, leaving you in a state of panic?⁢ Well, fear not, dear reader, for⁤ we are here to help you master the art of buffer-free Chromecast streaming! No more interruptions, no ‌more ‍stress – just seamless streaming bliss awaits you.…

Chromecast Backdrop Now Available

Ever wonder how you can customize the background on your Chromecast idle or wait screen? Well now you have an option through Chromecast Backdrop. Backdrop allows you to customize the photos while you are not casting. You will also have the ability to share photos from your G+ album. You can also set up weather forecast based off your location.

First, you go into Chromecast app on your phone or pc.…