Happy Birthday OG Chromecast!

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The original Chromecast achieved a milestone yesterday but celebrating its 3rd birthday! The unassuming HDMI device flew under the radar and launched with little fan fair turned into a major media player in the streaming industry. With the low price of $35, it enabled hundreds of HDTV owners to make their ‘dumb’ TV’s ‘smart’. It sure paid off for my family as we had a 10 year old Samsung 40″ TV which functions fine but do not have any built in smart features.

The Chromecast changed that. I was soon able to stream from youtube for my kids and shortly after stream from virtually any media content on my PC using the Chrome extension. Now, almost all major streaming apps support Chromecast and the list is growing. As of today, Google shipped over 30 million Chromecast.

Happy birthday!




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