Chromecast Launches Games!

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Google announced on their Chrome blog of the launching of family friendly games for Chromecast. With the use of your Android device, you can use it as a game controller to play family favorites such as “Monopoly”, “Scrabble”, “Connect Four”, “Simon Swipe”, and “Wheel of Fortune”. You can also dance by holding your phone acting like a sensor playing “Just Dance Now”. The phone will detect your movements and give you points based on the accuracy of your moves just like “Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)”. You can also play quizzes and answer questions using your phone as well.

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You can use a tablet or a phone that is on your Wi-Fi network!

If you want to take your gaming to another level, try out GamingCast by Eli Sherer. For just $1.50, you can play an array of classic games such as Pong, Xonox, Tetris, and Snake! You can only play single player mode with the exception of Pong, but multiplayer will be supported shortly.