Chromecast Overheat Issues Requiring Reboot

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Lately I have been having issues where the cast would freeze. Chromecast has ‘ready to cast’ on the TV but the Chromecast will not be found on your devices. The only fix is to unplug the USB power source and plugging back in. This seems to fix it but the Chromecast is extremely hot. Has anyone experienced this?



2 thoughts on “Chromecast Overheat Issues Requiring Reboot

  1. Freelance

    Same here regarding the overheating. I get annoying messages that I should reduce the quality of the stream because Chromecast keeps freezing. The stream on the laptop is doing perfectly well, but the screen on the TV freezes.

    I am concerned that this little gadget is going to end up collecting dust or being returned to the store for a refund.

  2. CC Administrator

    Last two days it has been ok. But two days ago, I had to reboot it twice. A bit annoying but I am sure you will be covered if it does break down and they will give you a refund. I just hope it doesn’t damage the TV!

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