Google Chromecast Major Announcement!

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Google subtly shook the world of Internet TV by introducing the Google Chromecast at its breakfast press event. As we stand now, it is sold out across all online retailers. Google Play offered the Google Chromecast immediately after this morning’s announcement but it has since been sold out. Amazon released it shortly after offering FREE SHIPPING a few hours later and it also has since sold out.

Chromecast is a $35 HDMI streaming device for televisions. What it does is it duplicates content that is being played at a nearby phone, tablet, or computer. It is basically a Chrome in a box which communicates across your WIFI network. For icing on the cake, each Chromecast will come with 3 months of Netflix for free! You will also be able to use your device such as phone, tablet, or pc to act like a remote control to your TV.

There is A LOT of potential for this device. You can stream Youtube, watch movies, listen to music, stream movies, TV shows all for just $35 with no monthly fees (except Netflix after the 3 month promotion.)

Google introduces Chromekey, an HDMI streaming device for televisions