Use your TV Remote to Control your Chromecast

Google secretly launched a new feature which allows you to control your Chromecast using your TV remote. This is a bit unsuspecting but a neat feature that only works on TV with HDMI-CEC. You may be confused as the Chromecast does not have a IR receiver. The way it works is this. The Chromecast receives your TV remote signal via the HDMI-CEC enabled connector. Your remote must also have buttons dedicated to play, stop, pause, fast forward, and rewind. I just tried this on my 2009 Samsung HDTV and it did not work. If you are not sure if you have HDMI-CEC enabled TV, try to look at your manual or simply give the feature a trial!


Chromecast App Updates for April

Google Chromecast continues to add support for apps to cast to your TV! First off, TED talks is now available for Chromecast support bringing an array of free and insightful talks to your TV screen. From its website, TED is a non-profit organization dedicated to spread ideas with short talks which is 18 min. or less. It started in 1984 when TED stood for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Now, it boasts of TED talks in over 100 languages.

Next, the PAC-12 network is available on Chromecast. PAC-12 is the collegiate Division I athletic conference which includes Oregon State, University of Oregon, Cal Berkely, UCLA, USC, Arizona State, University of Arizona, Colorado State, Stanford, utah, Washington, Washington State, and more. It covers almost all sports but is the most popular during football season and basketball season. It is a must have for alumnis. If your premiere TV provider such as DirecTV, Charter, U-vers have Pac-12 network available, you should be able to sign in using your TV login.

For music lovers, you can now cast from MTV apps and Qello. MTV app offers TV shows such as Finding Carter, Catfish, and other reality TV shows available on MTV. With Qullo, you can get free all access to full length concerts and music documentaries!

Chromecast Support for Windows Phone

Chromecast has proven to be a big hit for Android, iOS, and computer users but Windows Phone has been a bit left out. There is limited Chromecast support for Windows Phone meanwhile support for Android and iOS devices have been growing.

That may now change. Windows mobile phone users can keep their hopes up with one app. Tube Cast is an app that allows mobile phone users with Windows OS to cast Youtube to their HDMI screen. The functions are limited as in you cannot pause, go back, or go foward but it is enough for you to select a video and play.

So far it is getting between 4-5 stars in the windows phone app store and the latest reviews are very positive. Give it a spin!

Chromecast Support for Windows Phone was first posted on Chromecastchat.

How to use Chromecast with VLC

Rejoice VLC fans! One of the most popular video players will release Chromecast support with the next update. If you recall, playing video files was a huge hassle a few years ago as you had to have the right media player for the type of file you were playing. Even so, you may need to install the particular codec or even purchase it to get the picture and sound correctly. When VLC was launched, it provided simplicity. It seemingly played any type of videos or media files at will. It had a easy to use interface allowing you to control your video and also to manage libraries. another huge benefit is that it was extremely light and took very little resources. Great for people who had HTPC (home theater personal computers). VLC for Chromecast will likely launch in version 3.0. Once it is available, we will post a guide on how to use it.

Google giving away $6 Play credit

If you own a Chromecast, Google is giving away $6 in Play Store credit for movies, music, or apps. All you need to do is go to this url in your Chrome browser:

You do need to agree to allow Google to check your device ID with them to search for available offers. I was able to find other offers from DramaFever, epix, 90 days of unlimited play music streaming, and the X-Men movie also!

chromecast offers



chromecast offers 6


Poor Video Quality When Casting Tab

Your Chromecast may have poor video quality when casting a Chrome tab to your TV. This is usually due to two things which can cause freezing, stuttering, or pixelating on your TV. Here are some things you can try to fix poor video quality on your Chromecast.

Computer performance causing video issues with Chromecast:
Check the power settings on your computer which you are casting the tab from Chrome. Check to make sure your computer does not go to sleep or go into power saving mode which is set by default on most laptops. Close down any unused applications, programs, or windows. Temporarily reduce it from the default high definition 720p to 480p through the Options Menu on the Cast icon.

720p chromecast options


Network Issue causing poor video quality Chromecast:

The performance of Chromecast highly depends on your WiFi connection. Your WiFi connection in turn depends on the speed of your Internet. In my experience, you should have at least 3mb Internet speed and faster. WiFi routers varies but your TV and Chromecast should not have too many walls in between. For example, if you have your WiFi router located one end of the room, you will likely experience issues trying to connect it to a Chromecast at the opposite side of your house or basement. You can try to move your router or purchase an extender or repeater to extend the range of your WiFi network. You can also try to use the HDMI extender to distance the Chromecast device from your TV. If you are casting a tab from a PC / Laptop, make sure it has good strength indicating on the WiFi connection. You can also check if the WiFi channel is overlapping with another device through WiFi manager apps available on Play Store and App Store. If you have multiple users streaming through Youtube or other services, it may hamper the performance.

How to factory reset a Chromecast:

If you tried all of the above and still have video quality issues regardless of casting from a tab or casting from an app, as a last resort, you can try to do a reset on your Chromecast to see if clearing the cache will resolve your issue. In order to reset, you can do it two ways.


sling tv offering free 7 day trial – apk

sling 7 day freeSling television stunned CES this year in Las Vegas by announcing a streaming service for some of the top premiere TV channels usually reserved for satellite and cable services. They are currently offering a 7 day free trial if you sign up now.

With Sling, you will be able to access channels such as ESPN, HGTV, Disney, CNN, TBS, Travel, Food network, adult swim, Cartoon Network, ABC Family and more for just $20/month. All you need to do is install the Sling TV program or app onto your PC or smartphone or tablet. You can install the program on your PC / MAC using normal method. The app for iOS is on the iTunes store. However, the app is yet available in the Google Play store for Android devices which is a bit surprising. Instead, you can download it by checking the ‘Unknown sources” then click the apk file through your Android device to download and install it directly. You can download the Sling TV apk for Android at their link and also available here.

On top of the listed channels, you can also add on packages such as Sports Extra, News and Info Extra, Kids Extra for $5 each. Enticing but it will soon breach into the price of a typical cable or satellite service.

Does Chromecast support Sling TV App?
There is no native support but you can use screen cast (mirroring) to mirror the Sling TV app to your TV. The audio will work.

Do you need credit card to sign up for the free Sling 7 day trial?
Yes you do! When you click the free 7 day trial, you will be required to enter your credit card details. If you do not cancel on the 7th day, you will be automatically enrolled to their $20/month plan.

Is there a commitment for Sling television?
There is no commitment. You can cancel any time which makes it even more so advantage.

Can I use the Sling TV credentials to sign into the WatchESPN app?
Not now but it looks like it is coming soon.


Setting up more than one Chromecast WiFi

You can set up as many Chromecast on the same WiFi. However, you must select different names for each device. It is also a good idea to ensure that your WiFi network is password protected. When you introduce a new Chromecast to your network, simply repeat the instruction when you first initiated your Chromecast. One thing to be careful of is to ensure you choose names which is easy to remember. As you cast the screen from the content you are watching, all available devices will be visible when choosing a Chromecast. Also note there is no way to block someone from casting content to someone’s screen. In other words, if your sister is using Chromecast to cast something from her iPhone’s Youtube app to her TV, you can accidentally stop her cast and put something to her TV through your Android phone.

multiple chromecast


How to Reboot Remotely and Factory Reset

Here is how you can reboot and do a factory data rest on your Chromecast remotely. You may run into an issue where video quality isn’t great and you want to do a simple reboot. In order to reboot, you simply go to your Chromecast App, click onto your device in question, go to menu and you will see the below options. You can do the same to factory data reset a Chromecast. Whether you want to return the device or give it to your cousin Vinny, you will want to perform a factory data reset on your Chromecast before you do so.
data reset data reset data reset







If you want to physically reboot or do a factory reset, you can do the following. To do a reboot, simply power cycle it. Remove the power source (usb) and plug it back in. To do a factory data reset, hold down the power button on your Chromecast while is is powered for at least 25 seconds until the led light starts to flash.
chromecast reset






You can also do a reset and factory reset through the app on your PC. Go to the app and open your Chromecast device. You should see the below in the options menu. Click reboot to quickly clear the cache to see if it resolves your issue and click factory reset if you want to clear all personal data.
chromecast reboot menu