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Google Expands List of Supported Devices for Screen Mirroring

Google has expanded devices which support screen mirroring to your Chromecast device. This will allow you to screen any app from your Android device to the TV. In addition to all Nexus devices, Samsung Galaxy, and now Sony Xperia Z3, Z2, and Z2 tablet.

However, this will not send any audio so it will be limitedto visuals only. Give it a try, it is pretty neat.

chromecast screen mirroring

(Source Google Support)

Google Cast Screen Mirroring Coming Soon To Chromecast

Google Cast Screen Mirroring Feature Comes To Chromecast

This is the moment a lot of people have been waiting for. A native way to cast a mirror image of your Android device will soon be available. Google announced at I/O this year that they will be releasing an update to Chromecast where it will have a feature to mirror your exact image on your Android device. This will allow you to show people what is on your screen from Maps, GMail, Instagram, eBay, Flipboard, well.. basically everything!

This directly competes with AirPlay function and eliminates Apple TV’s advantage. I just checked my Chromecast app which is running v1.7.4 and the ‘Cast Screen’ option is not available yet. You can check yours by going to the navigation drawer of the Chromecast app.

Google Cast Screen Mirroring Feature Comes To Chromecast.

Chromecast support for Apple and iPad iOS Now Available

netflix chromecast house of cardsOur iOS user friend’s rejoice! Google has added Chromecast support for Chrome app on iOS! This means that Apple iPhone and iPad users may now stream videos via Chrome browser and cast it to their screen. In other words, iPhone and iPad users are no longer limited to apps which have Chromecast support. They can cast content where Chromecast support is enabled on their website.

You can check Google’s directory of Chromecast ready apps and see if you can find something. There is also a way to check what is supported on iOS. Give it a try!




Chromecast now supports presentation from Google Drive

If you were wondering how you can project a presentation such as Powerpoint only your Chromecast enabled TV, you now have an option. Google launched an update to Chromecast where you will be able to cast presentations from your Google Drive. You can upload any Microsoft Office Powerpoint file and it will be ready to be casted. Follow these steps.

1) Open Google Drive from a Wi-Fi enabled PC with Google Chrome.

2) Navigate to your ppt file which you have uploaded.

3) Open the ppt file with “Google Slides”

3) From Google Slides, go to “Present” button at the upper right of your screen. A drop down menu will appear, hover over “Present on another device” then select your Chromecast.

Chromecast Google Drive



Pandora now supports Chromecast!

This morning as I was listening to Pandora music app on my Android phone, I was pleasantly surprised by the Chromecast icon on the bottom right of the screen. If you have a good sound system, this can easily connect to Pandora. For those who are not familiar, Pandora is a free app which allows you to select radio station based on artists, genre, or songs. For a mere $3.99 / month, you can listen to it without any ads. The only downside is that you cannot select the particular song you want to hear at that moment. However, it does do a pretty good job in giving you a mix based on the song title or artist. You can also associate your Pandora account with your social network and share with others your favorites, likes, and activities. I also enjoy being able to listen to Pandora on my PC so I can use it when I work. Give it a try!


Users Report Chromecast Works from Websites Other Than Youtube.com

Gigaom.com and other websites are reporting that users are beginning to see the Chromecast icon on websites outside of youtube.com. Previously, Youtube only allowed users to cast directly from Youtube.com. Now they appear to allow Chromecast users to cast from websites which embed youtube videos on their websites. Have you noticed this?

Chromecast Reseller Market – eBay and Craigslist

Google’s latest gadget – Chromecast inadvertently created a hot commodity. I’m not sure if this is part of it’s marketing ploy but as we stand, there is only one way to get your hands on one of these and that is through the 2nd hand market such as eBay and Craigslist. eBay is selling these on avg. $60-70 and Craigslist has it for a hair cheaper. There is no word from Google, Best Buy, Amazon on when they will become available again.