Google Chromecast vs. Apple TV vs. Roku Comparisons

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We here at put together a chart comparing the Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku 3. All are great devices and none shouts as a distinct winner. We really have high hopes for the future of Chromecast and what Google has in plan.

Chromecast Apple TV Roku 3
Price $35 $99 $99
Quality 1080P 1080P 1080P
Content Netflix, Google Play Store, Youtube, Cast from Chrome browser. Eventually will support Pandora. iTunes, Mirror iOS device, and many subscription available such as sports, news. Lots of free content and other paid subscription channels. Look at their list here. No Youtube.
Netflix Yes Yes Yes
Hulu Plus No Yes Yes
HBO Go No Yes Yes
Amazon Prime Yes (through Chrome Browser) Yes (through Airplay) Yes
YouTube Yes Yes No
Movie Rentals Yes Yes Yes
Sports Package No Yes Yes
Free Internet Radio No No Yes
Photo Viewing Yes Yes Yes
Major News Program No Yes Yes
Instant Replay on Remote No No Yes
Stream from local media via browser Yes No No
Devices Any device with WiFi capability and Chrome browser and Android devices (phone, tablet). No ability to mirror but can ‘cast’ media. iOS devices using Airplay and also ability to mirror your Mac device’s screen. No need or ability to mirror any devices such as tablet, phone, or PC. Has app to stream music and photos but not video.
Actual Device Size of a USB Stick. Very small. Powered by USB chord. Vrtually invisible if plugged into HDMI port at the rearof your HDTV Size of your palm. Very well designed as any Apple product. A bit outdated but also size of your palm.
Remote None Small, basic functions. Bulky but has headphone and instant replay buton.